Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Work in Progress and Runaway Days

Yes, I am still working on the Jane Austen Family Album blocks (check the link in my side bar) I was away for a few days so I only worked on the one block and that one was quite simple and quick!  I did not layer or quilt last weeks block "page" so I have a bit of extra to do this week!  In the instructions on Barbara Brackman's site, she suggests two different methods for making this block -- I chose the easy -- fewer pieces version,  not because I didn't want to sew a few extra pieces together, but because I found a scrap piece of fabric that I felt suited this block very nicely!

Large print strawberries on a black background, with the corners in a hot bright pink!  This block is done similar to the earlier one -- the Cross within a Cross  with the centre square being set 'on point' and using the tip where you crease the centre square so that the four corner units are sewn on perfectly centered...  and be sure to read the entire post, because there is an update/correction of the 'variation' of this block!  Because I have not done the variation, I am not commenting on how or what to do if you choose the fussy cutting version!

Barbara calls this block Village Square and uses it to represent Jane Austen's oldest brother James.  He is the 'favoured one" in the family and the one who inherits what ever his parents or other relatives have to bestow upon him...

I did not get a whole lot done in the crafty department, even though I did have some extra time...

This past week - 3 days of it anyway -- I went on a little ride with my friend over the mountains, from here in the Fraser Valley, over the Coquihalla Hwy and the Connector (Hwy 97C) to Kelowna BC.

Now as much as I love quiltmaking and crochet, I love to ride as a passenger in a car and look out the window at the swiftly passing scenery!   I would rather go on a car ride than just about anything else!!

Now, once arrived in Kelowna we checked into a very nice hotel/resort -- Manteo Hotel and Resort....  My friend was in Kelowna for some meetings and business so I was left on my own for the daytime hours.
So contrary to my usual habit of sewing or crochet -- I walked...

There is a boardwalk along the lake front that makes for very easy strolling.  A private beach for guests, a marina, a putting green, a library building and a outdoor pool and even a small theatre all within the complex.
I watched some teenage boys practice their putting skills and wondered why they were not in school on a weekday.   And best of all, I walked and sat on benches all along the boardwalk totally  peaceful and simply enjoying the gorgeous spring day!  This early in the 'season' I suspect it was much quieter than would be usual in June, July, or August.  And I loved the quiet comfort!

Soon tho, it was time to head home and the drive over the high mountain passes heading west to home was a bit more gloomy than it was getting to Kelowna.  It is pretty high up and there is still snow on the hills, tho the highway was dry and clear.

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this little 'holiday' -- it was unexpected but felt so good to be away from the everyday things at home.  I think I would have gladly spent another week away!   Do you ever get to go away for no reason whatsoever with no obligations or plans?  Not often, I would suspect -- there is not much in my world that can beat this kind of little runaway adventure!!