Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thinking Ahead! - Work in Progress

To be honest, I am the type of person who is always looking ahead and am ready with contingency plans long before they are actually needed!  My father instilled in me a sense of "being ready for anything" and I do wonder sometimes how anyone is caught unaware that a situation is developing or approaching!   I am the consumate ANT of the fairy tale The Ant and the Grasshopper !  (for the full story click on the story title)...

But then again...  Crochet does lend itself so very well, to making winter accessories, doesn't it?

At the beginning of our Victoria Day Weekend (in the USA it is Memorial Day Weekend) I had no travel plans or even any chores or work around the house to do so I decided to start on a project that I actually had meant to do a few months back...  Now, this is where procrastinating translates into preparedness -- if you wait long enough, what was late can actually appear to be early when you wait til next year!

So Leg Warmers...  and a Slouchy Hat.  The pair of leg warmers are complete -- they were actually a test to create my own design/pattern and they have actually worked out quite nicely -- mind you a few rows were 'frogged' a few times but now they are done and I am started on a matching Slouchy Hat.

I used a yarn of "unknown content" that I got in a thrift store, so even tho I plan to write the instructions and a tutorial for these leg warmers I am going to work them up again with a 'brand' yarn to make it easier for anyone who might like to try out this pattern.

I actually was inspired to create these because I was leafing through one of my books and found a stitch pattern that I thought would suit leg warmers nicely.  Do you think so?

So today, I am off to my local yarn shop to see if I can find a similar 'branded' yarn to reproduce this project and then write up the pattern instructions...
I am linking up with Merry Messy Life and the Needle and Thread Network  today.

PS.  If you are wanting the instructions for these leg warmers, please sign up to receive email notice of my blog posts (near the top of my sidebar on the right side) as I cannot promise exactly when I will post the instructions for this pattern -- hopefully within the next couple of weeks -- because it did not take me very long at all to work up this pair of leg warmers!