Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beginnings - 2014

It has been a month since I wrote anything on this blog.  I have been thinking about a slight change in focus here...

Now, to me Susan Being Snippy has always meant that I am trying to nicely say that I am a bit of a contrary person...

I have to find things out for myself - even though I wonder sometimes why I just don't take well intentioned and truly good advice.  Some things I should have listened to but was too pig headed to follow and often paid for my folly in some manner.

My very favourite thing to do has for many years been quilting, quiltmaking, fiber art, sewing and anything that falls into that category.  And I mean anything, from handpiecing hexagons to creating a crazy quilt with every seam embroidered with different stitches and patterns of stitches to making a series of wool and beaded quilts, experimenting with pieced images, and just plain quilt blocks sewn for fun or to make quilts to give to charitable causes.  I have loved sewing since I was a child.

Something has happened to my enthusiasm for sewing in the last few months.  I am not sure why I am not inclined to sew...  I think about colour and pattern and wake up with ideas for quilts or projects swimming in my head and I go into my sewing room, look around and go out of the room again...  It must be much like what a novelist calls Writer's Block.   I do believe I have Sewer's Block.

I have let go of some of the extra things that I do that goes along with my quilting interest -- membership in my local quilt guild, participation in writing for the Canadian Quilter's Association (a feature on the members page), and no interest whatsoever in creating in or taking part in a local quilt show, something I have done at every opportunity.  Yes, definately Sewer's Block!

(on Christmas Day, everyone, even the animals are waiting for dinner!)

So, to refocus myself for a time and yet to keep my blog current, I think I will be posting a variety of opinions or statements or ideas.  And I hope that there will still be a bit of a craft focus as I do seem to be doing crochet and even knitting.

I do have to say, one of the reasons that I have refrained from posting for the last month is because I have very contrary ideas about the consumerism of the past month.  It upsets me.   My immediate family stopped buying stuff during the shopping frenzy of what is referred to has the holiday season -- we have not done the traditional gift exchange for close to 10 years now -- most people think there is something WRONG with us because we don't need that part of christmas.  So rather than 'buck the trend' openly, we just quietly let it pass us by...

                  (sun in my kitchen window -- thats a shadow of a holly tree)

Back to a couple of posts a week, beginning this week! So here's hoping to get back into a rhythm with perhaps an bit more attitude showing...

Come along and explore a few new subjects with me!

( I have a large plastic bin full of quilt batt scraps and my cat thinks it is the most wonderful place to make a nest)