Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crochet Floor Sweeper Cover

About a week ago I came across this tutorial about how to make a reuseable and reverseable swiffer sweeper cover.  Heres the link if you want to try it for yourself.

 I don't have a Swiffer -- but a similar floor cleaning tool. 

Mine came with reusable and washable pad made of a microfibre cloth.  The cloth (actually 2 of them) have proved to be excellent for most floor cleaning jobs, washing and wiping up spills and for dry sweeping too.

But now with a constantly shedding border collie and two cats about the house, it seems hair has multiplied in corners, expotentionally.  The short, sort of terry cloth of the purchased pads really just moved the hair around and didn't pick it up.

So when I saw this tutorial on the Craftstylish web page, I decided to try it out with some of my one ball acrylic yarns that had been waiting to be used for SOMETHING.

This project does take a fair amount of yarn because you are making quite a loopy fabric -- I had about 1/2 of a large skein of "I don't know what, cause the label was lost long ago" and an full ball of a baby yarn that was in a bag of 2nd hand store yarns that just didn't belong.  So these two yarns are what I used and came within a few inches of the end of the baby yarn skein.

I had to adjust the number of stitches slightly for my floor tool as I think it must be a bit bigger than the Swiffer brand tool.

I will tell you, this sweeper pad is GREAT!  It grabs those animal hair and dustballs from every corner and under all the furniture like it was a magnet, and because of the loopy things it holds it to the tool instead of just pushing it around.

Now to clean it off, you could hold it out the door and give it a shake, but I live in a townhouse and such a disposal of household dirt is quite frowned upon, so I just use my hands to pull off the hair and dustballs and put it all in the garbage bin.

This was a very successful creation and if you need an inordinate amount of dry dirt picked up, instead of pushed around, this is your next crochet project!

The tutorial link I gave you at the start of this post is easy to read and the instructions are clear.  I had never done this particular kind of loopy stitch but it was easy to figure out and once done a few times you did not need to refer back to the instructions.

Have a great weekend -- perhaps you will have a new sweeper pad by the time you need to use it on Monday!