Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Round Up

Whew!  I have not written on the blog for a week and a day!  That is cause I have been caught up with making! Making stuff for Christmas; all of the things are from other blog posts on the internet.  The best part of these other blog posts is that each one has a very well written tutorial so that it is easy to recreate one's own version!

My nephew is getting married at the end of December and I have been trying to think of something to send (half way across the country) when I saw this really cute fabric and knew it was just the thing for newlyweds.  It shows the "bear" family doing all the fun things a new young family does together, with little hearts sprinkled all over -- so I made a pair of pillowcases!   Now I realize that pillowcases are not a real exciting gift but this fabric just cried out to be something just for them and so because they each already have children, a loving family fabric seemed to be the thing...

If you want to try out these pillowcases you can go to the tutorial at 

This pattern explains how to add the top border with a very simple turned under edge so that there are no raw edges, and the side seams are done as french seams, again shown very clearly in the tutorial. I think a pair of these took me just a bit over an hour to create -- and I think, now that I have done them once, it will be even less time to do more of them!

And Hey!  We all, or mostly all know that Christmas is coming!  And coming along faster than anyone can manage to fit in all the things that have to be done -- well, most everyone, but me, since I do have alot of fun with Christmas but don't burden myself with alot of Christmas obligations.  I can pick and choose what I want to do with this season and mostly to me that means creating things that please me and things that I can give as the whim strikes me!

So I discovered the cutest little crochet christmas stockings and had to go ahead and try out the tutorial for them, too.  These are very quick to make up and using left over scraps of yarn cost only the time it takes -- for me about 1 hour, while watching tv.   I must add that I wrote down the instructions, and between the time it took me to get from the computer to the tv watching room, the piece of paper disappeared (I suspect the dog ate it!)  And since the show on tv had started I was reluctant to go back and jot down the instructions, so my crochet stockings are slightly different than the tutorial, but my third one will be exact...  When I get to it -- perhaps another one or two will get made up tonight while watching SURVIVOR!

Aren't they just the cutest?

Go to  for the very simple tutorial... 

Then read further in this writers blog (todays' blog post) where the writer shows some stockings made by another reader who made these little socks into ADVENT CALENDERS and be amazed at the variety of looks you can get with the combinations of colours!

The quilt guild that I belong to has a postcard exchange every month with a theme that those taking part try to conform to and at the same time try to create little original works of ART.  

I have to admit this months theme had me stumped.  I dawdled and put off creating my trade able postcard because just nothing came into my head.  The theme was YO-YO's.   I just couldn't seem to grasp an idea to use Yo-yos on the the card with.  Then while surfin' the net one morning, I came across this tutorial for making folded paper wreaths and the wreath and a yo-yo clicked into an idea in my head.

  Go to for the instuctions.  This is a very old origami paper folding pattern but this tutorial makes it into a pretty little christmas ornament.

Now, because I wanted to do this little wreath with christmas fabrics you need to be aware that fabric just does not fold as crisply as paper, so what I did was use spray starch on the fabric pieces before I even attempted any folding and I used the HOT iron to press those folds nice and firm.  Also it is a bit trickier to fit the pieces together, so just work slowly and with patience and you will get the pieces together -- admittedly it took me a couple of tries to get the wreath to fit together and look right -- and another difference between paper and fabric, is that when I did get the wreath together, I sewed around the inside opening and that held it all together with no fear of the wreath slipping apart.

On this one, the extra time and effort is definately worth the end product.

I am so enthralled by these wreaths I am making more of them to include with the Christmas cards that I send out to friends and family!

And finally another 'ornament' for the tree or to give as quick little gifts is this origami christmas flower.  This too is an original paper craft but it is so very lovely in fabric.  I saw it some years ago used as a dimensional applique flower in a quilt book by Kumiko Sudo -- sorry I cannot remember the name of the book.

Here is an online tutorial for making this flower and it truly is quick and easy to make.  I did these four in the above photo is just under one hour.  And remember it does make it nicer and crisper folds if you spray starch the fabric before you start folding.  Oh, and you do have to create your own template for this.  I used my acrylic ruler with the 30 degree angle lines so that each of the three sides of the triangle measured 6 inches then I added a 1/4 inch seam allowance on to that.   Go to

And that sums up my week!

If you try out one or two or even all of these projects I am happy that I could point you to them.  Have FUN, keep busy, and you will get to where you want to be!

PS I wanted to add -- I found a blog where all the links are CANADIAN web pages and blogs, go visit at and you will see what is going on across our country!