Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafting Quilts with Colour!

I am inspired to think about colour after a conversation the other day, with Doris and Ingrid...

Rather impossible to create a quilt without colour, isn't it?  Well, there is one type that you can make and that would be a whole cloth white quilt with white threads -- that is a quilt I would never dare to make for my home.... A black and white border collie and a black and white kitten and a grown up but still mischievious siamese cat makes for a very bad combination to keep white quilts in!

This image is not one of my creations -- just to illustrate the beauty of lack of colour

Can you imagine this sort of thing in the middle of a beautiful white whole cloth quilt?  I can imagine it, but I surely don't want such a thing!  Walter is happy on the hardwood floor where his black and white hair can easily be swept up or vacuumed away!

I am wanting to point you to a couple of interesting web pages that may help us with the colour in our quilts.   There are some of us who have a special instinct for putting colours together -- but that is rare and like I said very special!

I for one tend to choose rather dark or greyish colours -- and it seems no matter how hard I try, it is a very rare quilt of mine that comes out bright and with really excellent colour choices.   Even my scrap quilts tend to have a greyish look to them.   That trend has held true for most of my quiltmaking years -- tho, every once in a while I manage to put together brights!

I almost think that brights are accidental for me and I have been hoping (for a long time) to find ways to improve my choice of fabrics --both in colour and print choices.

I have found two websites that I am hoping might give me new eyes in the choices of colour.

Take a look at both of these web pages -- look back to previous postings and take the time to compare the photographs with the colour choices.

I have thought that perhaps if I practice looking at everyday things, I will get better at choosing the colours that are within my own little "photographs"

Check out these:

if you look down the page a bit, my favourite choice of the offered groupings is the one called "branching hues"


this one is similar - a photo along with "chips" of colour

Hmmmm.....  Perhaps a walk around my neighbourhood with my camera and then a "study" of the colour in the photos that I took.

Maybe a trip to the hardware store and a handful of paint chip cards, to mix and match and play with?

So? Do you think these will help with combining colour in your quilts?  It is one of many many hints and tips that artist use in their crafts, I think.