Friday, March 18, 2011

Check This Out ! #1

I used to write a column for the Canadian Quilter Magazine - the magazine published for members of the Canadian Quilt Association.  The name of the column was Check This Out! and 10 years ago was a list along with my "comments" of craft blogs and a variety of sewing web pages.

So, I thought I would bring the "Check This Out!" title over to this project where you as a reader can clik on a link that will take you to a blog where you can be introduced to someone elses ideas and projects.

Currently, there are no limits to the creative links other than to keep it to the theme of Home Crafts and Home Arts.   If you want to create your link follow the instructions when you click on the "add your link"

Have fun and we shall see how it goes and remember to try to reciprocate -- if you post a link, please also try to visit other links on the page.