Friday, September 10, 2010

Exploring the Neighbourhood and a bit beyond...

Do you ever go somewhere and not have a particular destination in mind?
The other day, I was lucky enough to go for a ride-along with a friend.  She definately had a purpose and a destination and a particular goal in mind.  I didn't.  Where she went I just followed, not expecting anything or planning or doing...
We went to Hope, BC which is actually about 1hour east of Abbotsford right up against the Rockies - just about where you really start getting into the Mountains.  Remember the early Sylvester Stallone movie "First Blood"?  Well, that movie was filmed in and around Hope.

There is a little park in the centre of town, dedicated to the Japanese Canadians who were moved to internment camps during the 2nd world war.  Very pretty and peaceful.

We drove down a road, where my friend's destination was but on the way was this beautiful old falling down cabin!  Driving down the road I noticed it but did not have time to pull out the camera, so made her stop the car on the return trip up the road to get a few photos...  The cabin is built right up against the rock so that the back wall forms part of the house.  It does appear abandoned as the door was wide open.  I am determined to make this a stop again so I can look closer...  Can't you just see Jed Clampett coming out on that porch to greet you??

Another stop along the road was this bit of fencing across the front of someone's property.  Try to guess how long that stack of old railway ties have been there?  How much longer will they be there?

And this, this holds all the promise of a long and interesting life.  The first shoots of a spruce that someday may be 100 foot tall, in a longer time away than I will be alive.  What might this little sapling see in the next hundred years?

I think this is one of my favourite kinds of journeys.
Perhaps you can fit one into your busy life in the next little while?