Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Odd Bits

In my family, I seem to have gained the reputation for being a bit odd -- perhaps not all the time, but often enough that over the years, I am sure many of my relatives step back abit from me.   Oh, I know they try often to ignore my actions, even when they sometimes almost go over the edge...  I am just not the kind of person who conforms to what other people want.  I used to be quite adventurous, but since my illness (two bouts of the same thing in two years) I have somehow lost some of that adventurer in me.  Slowly, slowly I am gaining back at least the desire for adventure.  For me this is a good thing -- but for others, well, they have got used to the more sedate me and should I go back to what I was, I am sure they will not be well prepared...

A step into oddness -- but not so odd that it hasn't been done before.  One does wonder though, "What is the purpose to some things?".  Some things just don't really need a purpose, they are just there as a wonderment or just to say out loud "I'm Here, and I am what I am!"

A couple of days ago I found an odd bit, a thing that alot would say, "Why would you bother?"  but then I also suspect there are just as many who would also exclaim "NEAT!" and ask no question of it's purpose.

A rock from the garden with thread crochet around it...
I have seen it before.  I first saw this idea at Myrtle & Eunice (just click on the underline and you will go to a blog where it shows more crocheted rocks).   Then if you want to see quite a large and varied collection of rocks with crochet and even some patchwork, go to Resurection Fern  You will need to scroll down and check out a few of the posts on this Australian blog so see the many crochet rock variations.

So far, I have only done this one rock -- mainly because my rock hunting expedition yesterday turned up only this one suitable rock, but I know there are more rocks out there hoping to be found and covered in crochet thread.  What rock really wants to just be a grey/brown/speckled piece, not distinquishable from the many many other rocks!  How special to be just a little bit odd!

Oh, but rocks can have other interesting and odd purposes -- I bought a book, about 15 years ago about Painting Animals on Rocks and have painted a few, the book still sits in my little craft library.
The little frog above has been in my garden for at least 6 years and for another half dozen years in other gardens or balconies that I have been the occupier of...