Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Backyard in Summer (and how I occupy it)

I really like my backyard.  There is not very much of it as it is only about 20 ft wide by about 25 ft long -- a townhouse size backyard.  The best thing about it is that once it is arranged and things planted all the gardening left to do is only to water.  And to sit.  I love to sit (thats why my bum is extra big!).

My garden this year is not quite what I had hoped because since the beginning of June there has been a puppy doing her best to dig and pull and eat and knock over anything she can...  But I still like my backyard.

Pearl is trouble even in a little garden -- if you look behind her - you might see a few hosta leaves, well they get nipped off as soon as they appear.  The Strawberries in containers have actually been pulled out by the roots! (and replanted so they are having a tough time).  Growing catnip for Archie and Fossie for winter indoor fun is also proving a challenge, I guess catnip tastes good to a dog...

Setting aside that my garden is in turmoil, I still can sit on my swing and crochet...

The beginning of another project -- I think it will be a vest -- multi colour with a black background...  It is barely started so I may talk about in a day or two.

Oh but this is done, and I am not very pleased with it -- it is one of those things that the best I can think to say about it is "it's done"...  This is the experiment with cutting that really ugly fabric into 1/2 inch strips and then crocheting the strips together.  The fabric I had was about 3/4 of a meter so was fairly limited as to what I could create with it even once it was transformed into fabric yarn.  I did start out with the idea of a sort of bucket shape, but it only made quite a shallow bucket so I took it apart and re-started this which when it got to the point where there were only a few yards left of the recycled fabric turned into yarn I made the handle and that was it.... Okay, but not a prizewinner in my mind -- Now, though, what do I do with it???

So as long as the days remain sunshiny and I have yarn and a crochet hook, the sewing room way up on the third level of the townhouse will not be occupied because it heats up too fast in daylight hours -- but I have been known to wake up at 4am just so I can alleviate the urge to sew and spend a couple of hours with the window open and a fan going before the heat of the day makes it a sweat shop...  I have a tote bag on the burner up there but it is slow going...

I hope you all are enjoying your own special summer place...  Soon enough the rain will fall, and the snow will be blowing across the highway....

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  1. Well....not this highway but I'm sure it will somewhere around Winnipeg and Moose Jaw! But it's still sunny... :)


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